Learn To Fence


We are an Historical Fencing (HEMA) group with sessions modeled after a supportive gym environment. This means you can choose to train on your own, in a small class, or request private tuition. We take a flexible approach to ensure fencers get the most out of their training.

The group was formed by students from schools practicing different weapons across the city. We aim to provide whatever we can to help you reach your fencing goal. Whether that’s equipment, time and indoor space, coaching and advice, or just opponents to bout with.


We can provide equipment and personnel to help you drill with longsword, rapier, sabre, foil/smallsword, and dagger, but if you have something special you want to work on, get in touch and we will make arrangements for you.

We believe strongly in individual lessons, and encourage anyone, regardless of skill level, to send us a message to arrange private tuition. Private lessons at our Open Hall events are free with entry.